Brick Made

Brick made Septic Tank Need Plenty of Land and lot of Manpower. Takes 10 - 15 days to construct, Re-Cleaning is Compulsory After Few Years of use. Particles Travel from One to Another ...Read more

Pipe Made

Pipe made Septic Tank takes Less Space and little Time Compare To Brick Made septic tank. Soak Pit Gets Chocked in this Case Too. Partical Retention System is not Attached. It’s 35 Years Old ... Read more


BioFurnaX i-SeptoSys, an intelligent Sewage Treatment Plant & Disposal System generally called Readymade Septic Tank is based on i-DispoSys Technology adopted by Toza India Pvt Enterprise ...Read more

BioFurnaX i-SeptoSys, a Readymade Septic Tank

BioFurnaX i-SeptoSys formerly known as EmptiNil BioFurnaX called Anaerobic Sewer Treatment Apparatus (ASTA), is a unique Readymade Septic Tank with such an advance technology that conventional brick made or other precast septic tanks don’t have. It has value for money and treat sewer effectively however slightly high in price. It has settling chamber, Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Treatment System, A solid particle retaining chamber that stops untreated solids and helps to increase efficiency of Septic Tank and finally a chamber equipped with filtration system. Generally; other available septic tank design doesn’t have such advance technology. Many domestic and commercial septic tank designs are being used nowadays in our country where sewer lines do not exist; like three chamber brick made or round RCC pipe septic tank in deferent trade names by meson and contractors. When we talk about Readymade, Pre-casted or RCC pipe septic tank; the most common name comes in people’s mind is Shankar or Balram Septic Tank (trademark belongs to respective owners). The Shankar or Balram septic Tank was developed long back in 1970. The system was tested by CBRI Roorkee in 1995 and they found some setbacks in the design and recommended some possible improvements to enhance the efficiency of the system. Unfortunately no initiative has been taken from inventor side to incorporate these changes so we came forward and took the initiative for the benefit of people. Our Septic Tank services are available in Uttarakhand specially in Haridwar, Roorkee, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Nainital and Shimla, Solan, Chandigarh, Mohali, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Delhi NCR and Nearby cities in India.

As everyone knows that we live in technological age and technology is changing very fast so the septic tank design created on or before 1970 will not help in the present context hence we have improved the design as per the recommendation of CBRI Roorkee and innovated a scientific septic tank that is based on new technologies, have additional valuable features like Solid particle retention device, Bio Tee filtration system attached to outlet and a third tank called FinFilter. All other available conventional septic tanks do not have some of these additional features and more over these designs are based on old methodology and do not solve the challenges completely.

BENEFITS OF BioFurnaX i-SeptoSys, a Readymade Septic Tank
- Protects underground water table
- No danger to foundation of building
- Most economical and suits all soil conditions
- Needs little space & can be installed in 3 – 4 days
- Latrine can be build on tank itself in case of want of space
- It eliminates the challenge of re-cleaning at intervals
- Intellectual Property Protection under process like Trademark etc.

Scope of Work

Supply, excavation and installation of pre-casted BioFurnaX i-SeptoSys, a Readymade Septic Tank Based on i-DispoSys Technology with 4 inch diameter, 6 inch long inlet / outlet pipes and round RCC covers are in our scope of work. Any other work like flooring, extra soil removal, transportation of Tanks, any kind of plumbing like main hole chambers or sewer pipelines etc, soak well, sanitary work, toilet sheet installation work etc, any other civil, electrical or mechanical work not included. Water for hydro testing and sundry items like cement, sand, required bricks etc shall be arranged by client. In case of out station work, stay for our workers and supervisor shall be arranges by custome

The round shaped components (chambers and connections) of EverClean BioFurnaX i-SeptoSys, a Readymade Septic Tank Based on i-DispoSys Technology of required capacity shall be supplied in parts. Complete fitting and other connections like inlet / outlet and center connections shall be fixed at site after exact measurement of levels. Sealing of tank bottom and top covers shall also be prepared at site during installation activities. Users / clients / customers need to fill these EverClean BioFurnaX i-SeptoSys, a Readymade Septic Tank Based on i-DispoSys Technologys with water completely before use and always maintain water at full level as the operation / working of these tanks are water based. Before signing any agreement with us or placing any order related to EverClean BioFurnaX i-SeptoSys, a Readymade Septic Tank Based on i-DispoSys Technology; it had already been made clear to reader of this document that EverClean warrantee is valid if other house hold waste water like bathroom etc passed through subsidiary tank and outlet connections of this tank is connected to running drain or twin soak well system. We always recommend two soak pit per septic tank in all cases. The outlet / center path of septic tank should be kept clear always by user / customer / client to achieve its full effectiveness. More Details...

e-XtrAge Soak Pit

Soak Pit developed by us takes less space, time and efforts to construct, Design is simple, cost effective, need minimal maintenance and long lasting. We utilize same space for sewer absorption many times alternatively so clogging is not possible. You may save lot of time, money and energy if you chose to have this e-XtrAge Soak Pit in your premises....Read More

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