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Residential and commercial premises are constructed with different systems to be fit for human habitats including some means for sewer disposing of human excreta and waste water produced by people. Soak Pit for septic tank have long been used for secondary treatment in our country where municipal sewer lines and treatment facilities don’t exist. The treated sewer coming from Septic Tank enters into Soak Pit through pipes generally called Soak well or Soakage Pit for absorption purpose. The most popular and common design in India is vertically constructed dry pits with brick; cement etc made by honeycomb wall instead of horizontally laid perforated pipes. Some meson use gravels or broken bricks inside soak well.

Combination of septic tank and soakage well for treatment of waste water from domestic source, school, hotel or any commercial buildings are well known and widely accepted through the country as major cities are not covered with central sewer treatment facilities. By and large these on site sewer disposal system contains anaerobic treatment unit such as Septic Tank, RCC or plastic connecting pipes, distribution box and the drainage field like soakage area. Anaerobic treatment facility treats waste and human excreta using anaerobic or oxygen less bacteria. The units employed in conventional method are simple and based on old methodology. In septic tank waste stays for some time and separates into slug, liquid and scum layer. After solids settle from liquid, it transported to soak pit through outlet pipe for final absorption. After some years of use these conventional soak pits give troubles to people, few of them are listed below:-

A] - More wide and deep digging is needed
B] – Danger of water table contamination
C] – Takes more labor and time to construct
D] - May collapse due to its wide shape and design
E] – May throw sewer back into septic tank due to failure
F] – May fail frequently because of clogged pours of soil
G] – One may waste their money by re-cleaning at interval

The significant efforts have been made in the field and many inventors developed several designs for sewer drainage system. Like Stanley J Dea invented System for home waste water treatment and disposal in 1975 and offered a significant option for home owners but that needs plenty of space, time and money to construct it. John M Harkin suggested Method for treating Septic Tank effluent seepage beds and the like in 1977 but that entire activity needs skilled artisan and equipments to carry out the task. In 2006 David W Presby of USA invented Multi Level Leaching system and solved the challenges of existing designs. Considering the cost factor, specially living in India it’s not possible to afford such an invention for common man so we thought about it and developed a soak pit that is cost effective and simple in construction.

e-XtrAge soak Pit developed by us takes less space, time and effort to construct. We utilize same space for sewer ab-sorption many times alternatively so clogging is next to impossible. These soak pits do not need any electric power or aeration pump. You may save lot of time, money and energy if you chose to have this e-XtrAge soak pit in your premises. As being Readymade Septic Tank installation company we offer our services in Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Roorkee, Delhi NCR, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Mathura and Agra. We have expansion plans and soon we are going to open new market in other parts of India. More Details...

e-XtrAge Soak Pit

Soak Pit developed by us takes less space, time and efforts to construct, Design is simple, cost effective, need minimal maintenance and long lasting. We utilize same space for sewer absorption many times alternatively so clogging is not possible. You may save lot of time, money and energy if you chose to have this e-XtrAge Soak Pit in your premises....Read More

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