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Brick Made

Brick made Septic Tank Need Plenty of Land and lot of Manpower. Takes 10 - 15 days to construct, Re-Cleaning is Compulsory After Few Years of use. Particles Travel from One to Another ...Read more

Pipe Made

Pipe made Septic Tank takes Less Space and little Time Compare To Brick Made septic tank. Soak Pit Gets Chocked in this Case Too. Partical Retention System is not Attached. It’s 35 Years Old ... Read more


BioFurnaX e-SeptoSys, an intelligent Sewage Treatment Plant & Disposal System generally called Readymade Septic Tank is based on i-DispoSys Technology adopted by Toza India Pvt Enterprise ...Read more

Pipe made Septic Tank | Sewage Treatment Plant | Dehradun | Haridwar | Rishikesh | Roorkee | Delhi NCR

Important innovation in history of sanitation; obviously is The Sewage Treatment System called Septic Tank, even home owners don’t give much attention to it and the field is governed; mostly by illiterate mesons, contractors and other unqualified people. In other way it’s an innovation that more than 80% of Indian rural and more than 20 % urban population use Septic Tank either Precast Septic Tank called Readymade Septic Tank or conventional brick made septic tank. Toza India Pvt Enterprise, Dehradun is pioneer and doing significant effort to provide Readymade Septic Tank installation services in Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Roorkee – Uttarakhand, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, now Gurugram, Delhi NCR and many other nearest Cities of India for over 18 years. Over that time, we’ve become a trusted member of the community in the field of Environmental services like Sewage Treatment Plant installation, Rainwater Harvesting, Precast Readymade Septic Tank installation and Soak Pit construction Services.

It took the mind of a French farmer named John Mouras to develop a better Septic Tank system. In 1860, Mouras designed and constructed the first Septic Tank prototype. It was an unsophisticated concept made from concrete and utilized clay pipes to funnel wastewater into the tank. He then proceeded to use the apparatus for complete one decade. Sometime in 1870, Mouras decided to check his invention’s effectiveness. After dismantling the Septic tank, he was shocked to find that there was almost no effluent or solid waste remaining. His uncertain mechanism had worked effectively. Mouras was granted a patent for his design in 1881. Two years later, his septic system design had gone global, landing in the U S, Africa, Britain; India and beyond. The rest, as they say, is history. Of course, that history involves the continual research, development and innovation in field of sewer Treatment and management system.

These days, People use cement made or pipe made Septic Tanks; generally called Readymade Septic Tank or Precast Septic Tank. In India; The design was made in 1970 by a person called Mr Balram Singh and patented in the name of Shankar Septic tank or Shankar Balram Septic Tank, now patent has been expired and the design is in public domain. Balram Septic Tank has few limitations as per CBRI Roorkee. The Design is slightly better than Brick made but have few drawbacks like they work on conventional methodology, don’t use any latest technology, no arrangements for solid particle retention and don’t have any effective Sewer filtration system. We as a Septic Tank installation company improved the Septic Tank design and offer our services in Dehradun, Haridwar, Roorkee, Rishikesh, Kotdwar, Kashipur, Nainital, Udhamsingh Nagar, Srinagar, Uttarakhand, Faridabad, Agra, Mathura, Meerut, Delhi NCR, Ambala, Yamunanagar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Mohali, Shimla, Solan and other part of India.

Toza India has innovated BioFurnaX e-SeptoSys better than any available design and if you want to learn more about the benefits of BioFurnaX e-SeptoSys called Advance Readymade Septic and more specifically Anaerobic Sewage Treatment Apparatus (ASTA), reach out to the friendly professionals at Toza India Pvt Enterprise Septic Service, Dehradun and read about our full line of commercial and residential services by visiting our website..

e-XtrAge Soak Pit

Soak Pit developed by us takes less space, time and efforts to construct, Design is simple, cost effective, need minimal maintenance and long lasting. We utilize same space for sewer absorption many times alternatively so clogging is not possible. You may save lot of time, money and energy if you chose to have this e-XtrAge Soak Pit in your premises....Read More

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